PureBiomass Inc. provides reliable, sustainable, and robust algae cultivation systems, along with the operational training and technical guidance to run them. Our mission is to propel the algae industry into a new era of surplus production, where innovation can flourish around a variety of valuable bio-products. PureBiomass is determined to attain this goal through the use of our game-changing, proprietary technologies. The technology portfolio includes photo-bioreactors ranging from 20 to 55,000 Liter volumes, accompanied by auxiliary products and consulting. PureBiomass systems allow for production facilities to reduce their carbon footprint and maintain a low rate of water consumption, in order to minimize their impact on the local and global environment. We are motivated by our belief that sustainable aquaculture offers valuable potential to meet global needs in human health, environmental stewardship, and economic development.


Photo-Bioreactor (PBR) Design & Construction


Process Start-Up


Operation of Production-Scale Algal Cultivation Facilities