WG600F Intelligent Industrial Peristaltic Pump

WG600F screen.jpg
WG600F screen.jpg

WG600F Intelligent Industrial Peristaltic Pump


YZ35PPS pump head suitable for tubing sizes #73 and #82

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Function and Feature
•  One channel flow range: 0.01-13(L/min)
• Applicable pump head: YZ35, 2xYZ35.
• Brushless servo motor drive with large torque, no maintenance, high rotating accuracy.
• The circuit board with conformal coating makes it dust-proof and moisture-proof.
• Color LCD displaying, touch screen and keypad for operating.
• Reversible direction, start/stop and full speed, state memory (power-down memory).
• Speed resolution: <0.1rpm, speed accuracy : <0.5%
• Calibrating flow function.
• Three types of distributing mode: time dispensing mode; volume dispensing mode; copy dispensing mode.
• Automatically store five groups of working parameters.
• The operating expert system guides users setting parameters correctly.
• Remote infrared controlling function.
•Super anti-interference feature, wide input voltage range, acceptable for the complex power environment.
• Stainless steel housing, easy to clean, excellent resistance to the corrosion of the acid, alkali, sodium and the organic solvents.
•  External high-low electrical level controls the start/stop, reversible direction and easy dispensing function, optically coupled isolator, can choose 5V,12V,24V. External analog adjusts the rotate speed, can choose 0-5V/10V, 4-20mA.
• RS485 interface, MODBUS protocol is available, easy to connect other equipments.

» Technical parameters                                                                                                              
• One channel flow range :0.01-13L/min
• Flow accuracy:<0.5%
• Speed range:0.1-600rpm.
• Speed resolution: 0.1 rpm
• Power supply :AC 220V±10%,50Hz/60Hz(standard),
• Power consumption:<300W
• External control:Input electrical level 5V, 12V (standard),24V(optional).
• External communication interface:RS485 communication interface,
support the MODBUS protocol.
• Ambient temperature:0 ~ 40℃
• Relative humidity:<80%
• IP grade:IP31 / NEMA 2
• Dimensions(LxWxH)350mmx235mmx315mm
• Weight:15KG