George Vozhdayev | Founder and CEO

M.Sc. in Microbial Engineering, University of Minnesota. Prior to founding PureBiomass, Mr. Vozhdayev served as Lead of Outdoor Operations at Cellana LLC, where he developed numerous PBR designs that remain essential to the company's seed train.  He is well versed in the obstacles currently surrounding large-scale algae production, and has been able to translate this knowledge into the state of the art photobioreactor technologies developed by PureBiomass. 


Skye Thomas-Hall | Director of Research and Development

Ph.D. in Microbiology, University of Queensland. Dr. Thomas-Hall previously served as Project Lead for Cellana's Harvesting Research Group. He has over ten years of experience in microalgae cultivation and harvesting, with a focus in auto-flocculation induction. Dr. Thomas-Hall's vast knowledge of different technical subjects, such as algae physiology, experiment design, data analysis, process design, and troubleshooting, helps to strengthen the quality of PureBiomass technology and customer service. 


John Barrett | Director of Process Engineering

Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, University of Minnesota. Dr. Barrett specializes in microbial fermentation, and bioreactor process control. He has extensive experience in maintaining autotrophic fermentations with high mass-transfer requirements, as well as process reliability and sterility of large-scale fermentation equipment. Dr. Barrett strengthens the PureBiomass product line through his knowledge of process design and automation, equipment specification, scale-up calculations, process modeling, and troubleshooting.  


Blair Paul | Director of Cultivation

M.Sc. in Environmental Science, Marine and Estuary Science Program, University of Washington. Mr. Paul specializes in microalgae startups and PBR development. He has intimate knowledge of the cultivation of numerous marine and freshwater microalgae species, and has developed specialized nutrient media formulas that allow for quick and efficient scale-up of any chosen culture.


Board of Advisors:

Dr. Michael Finch | Executive in Residence, University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management 

Dr. Kenneth Valentas | Adjunct Professor, University of Minnesota Biotechnology Institute

Mr. Dave Neville | President, NewTown Solutions Consulting Firm